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Happy New Year everyone!  New Year means new goals and one of the things we want to do more on our blog is to feature brands/shops/individuals that offer something that we adore.  If you guys haven’t heard of Austin | Fowler, you HAVE to check them out!  What was intended for a diaper bag can be used as any type of bag depending on what you want to use it for.  It can be a diaper bag, travel bag, work bag, everyday bag, or a purse!  They also offer beautiful wallets too!  Stephanie, the owner, has such great style and you can see it in her products!  It’s trendy, but versatile.

Cecilia uses hers as a work bag, and I use mine more as a diaper bag.  If I don’t have Sebastian with me, then you’ll see me carrying mine to Starbucks or Panera to work.  😉  We want to show you how we use our Austin | Fowler bags below!  There’s also a special code for a discount too!!

First up is Cecilia.  You will see her carrying her Reagan bag whenever she has to work.  It could be around the house, to Starbucks/Panera, or to her Beautycounter socials and events.  We love the look of the navy herringbone and tan leather accents!

We’re not even kidding when we say that there’s so much room in these bags!  It’s perfect for Cecilia’s Beautycounter samples, notecards, business cards, and makeup.
As a blogger, brand influencer, and business owner, the phone always goes with us.  Love this little pocket on the side of the bag, so you know exactly where your phone is at.  Whose had the problem of searching high and low for your phone in your bag?!  It’s also perfect for your keys!There’s 6 zipper pockets inside the bag that snaps on and off.  The pockets are perfect for protecting your laptop and keeping all your items organized. You can carry this using the shoulder straps or as a messenger bag.
Now onto me! 😉  I use my Rome bag as a diaper bag since I have a son that just turned 2.  I fill my bag up with diapers, wipes, snacks (lots of it), sippy cup, and my wallet.  As mentioned above, when I don’t have the kids with me and I have to work, I use it as my work bag.  Instead of baby/kids stuff, I have my laptop, portable hard drive, planner, notebook, wallet, and pens.

Look at all the compartments in the bag!  Great way to stay organized.  There’s also two bottle pockets which is perfect for Sebastian’s cups.  During soccer and football season, we would be going from one game to the next.  I had my bag full of snacks for the kids and to keep Sebastian entertained during the games. 😉

We love the details!

Cecilia uses the shoulder straps, but I actually carry it as a messenger bag.

Love how stylish Austin | Fowler bags are!

Even though the bag has white stripes, my bag doesn’t get dirty!  Pretty impressive since I take it everywhere!


Guess what friends?!  Austin | Fowler is offering our readers a 20% discount!  Use code: NINACECILIA20 at checkout!  You’re going to love their bags!!!


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