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You all don’t even know how excited I am for this blog post!  Our master bedroom+wall decor reveal! 😉  I’ve posted my master bedroom a handful of times on Instagram, but I’ve always wanted to do a full blog post of the room.  As some of you know (for the ones that have followed us from the very beginning), I used to have an old window pane with a peony wreath above my bed.  As much as I loved that “look,” this mama needed a change.  I had the opportunity to collaborate with Jen from HarperGrayce, and she brought my vision to life!  This girl is so talented!  I love the verse “I have found the one whom my soul loves” Song of Solomon 3:4 and knew it would be perfect above the bed.  Then to finish it off, I included a garland on each side of the wording.  I just love how it turned out 😉  Keep on scrolling for instructions on what we did!

I’ve been getting questions on where I got the greenery.  I bought this garland from Hobby Lobby, and it was 50% off making it only $7.99!  What a steal!  I bought this garland knowing that I was going to flock it.  It was a little bit too green for me!  Here’s a picture before and a picture after I flocked it.

I’m a tad obsessed with flocking…if I could flock everything I would!  I got this can back in December last year at Wal-mart.  This is what I used to flock the garland.

Here’s a close up of the garland…Also, can I just mention how the grass looks so pretty flocked 😉 Now the fun part!  Okay okay, for Nick it might not have been so fun.  He had to move those words 20 times, and I’m surprised he didn’t kill me!  First we had it too high, then we we had it too far to the right, and then he had to make minor adjustments after the garland was up.  He was in a hanging mood, so he actually wasn’t complaining.  Phew!  

To stick the words onto the wall, we used large picture hanging command strips and cut the strips in half.  By cutting the strips in half, you could place it anywhere behind the words without it being seen.  Depending on the word, we would use 2-4 half strips for each word.

Once the words were all hung up, it was time for the greenery!  It might seem like we used two different garlands, but this was actually one garland and we cut it in half.  One half we put on the right side of the wording and the other half we put on the left side.  If you want the greenery to look more “full,” I recommend not cutting it in half and instead bending the garland in half and placing that whole piece on one side.  Then placing another garland on the other side.

Another question I’ve been getting is how we got the greenery to stay on the wall.  Nick just hammered a couple nails on the stem part of the garland.  He had one on the top and one on the bottom of the garland.  The garland naturally angles a certain direction, but you can slightly bend the garland to make it angle a certain way.  For example, the garland on the right angled perfectly towards the wording, but the garland on the left needed some work.

Here’s some more pictures of our master bedroom!These wooden vases I got from The Silos during our Waco visit.  The striped pillows I also got from Hobby Lobby!

You can find these items and similar ones below!  Shop here:

(wood wording from HarperGrayce)

So what do you guys think?!  Comment below with any questions!  We’ll reply back with answers.  Thanks friends!

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  • Hi!! Such a beautiful bedroom!! ? I was wondering if you could tell me your wall color, and the height of your ceiling? (For size refernce) Also, are the letters painted? Thank you so much!! ❤️