wisconsin family trip 2016

For the 4th of July weekend, we decided to head up to Eagle River, WI to my husband’s parent’s cabin.  It’s definitely our home away from home…we love going up there!  We wish we could go up there more often, but it’s a 7 hr drive from Des Moines.  That’s long with 4 kids!

I got Nick a GoPro a couple years ago for his birthday, and I think I use it more than him 😉  Love how it’s small, easy to carry, a wide angle, and waterproof.  One thing I dislike is it doesn’t have a viewfinder.  It’s hard not to see what I’m taping or photographing until I view it on my computer…something I’m not used to!  You kind of hope for the best when you’re using it!

The day before we left for our trip, I was thinking it would be a nice to capture the whole weekend via video.  I knew the GoPro would be perfect for it!  It gets pretty complicated trying to take videos and pictures with one camera especially with a fancy camera like my Fuji.  I knew I just wanted to capture the moment instead of having the video be all fancy with special angles or have it blurry in the background kind of what the professional videographers do in their wedding videos 😉  I just wanted my video to be simple!  If something fun was going on, I just grabbed the GoPro and started recording.  Didn’t have to worry about focus or adjusting the camera for lighting!  It definitely made taking videos super easy.

I edited the video using iMovie.  I just inserted all the videos on there and got rid of the videos/frames I didn’t like.  The hardest part was trying to cut down the video, so it wasn’t too long!  I started off with 20 minutes after everything, but then cut it down more and more until I got it down to 9 minutes!  3 songs later!…oh well!  It was too hard to get rid of the ones that I wanted to remember 😉

Here’s the final video!  Enjoy!

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