Glowing 2016 with Beautycounter

“God always has a better plan than what you could ever imagine” is so true because 2016 was just that. Even though I had no idea where the Beautycounter journey was going to take me, this mama took advantage of the opportunity I was given, put my seatbelt on, and hit the gas! I kicked fear in the face and decided if I was going to make a difference, I was going to do it with no regrets. That if I was going to own a small business and want to earn as much income as I did in my previous careers, I was going to try 110%. That if I had the opportunity to educate others about an important topic, I was going to do it genuinely with passion.

It was an amazing 2016 helping others switch to safer products. My kick a$$ team helped so many people by getting over $235,000 of safe products into the hands of so many people in just 1 year!! It was also an honor helping my team grow their businesses. A teammate messaged me a month ago with “Thanks for all your help! You are seriously THE best mentor a gal could ask for. You are doing what you were meant to be doing, I really believe that.” Oh ya know, I cried happy tears. I’m really where I need to be.

It means the world to me that so many of you are taking steps into using safer products. To all my clients, members, Educators, hostesses, and those referring your friends and family to contact me… THANK-YOU! I want to give you all a big hug! Our products are best told person to person and 1 new person exposed to safer products makes a huge impact!! You are a huge part of this movement and this story we are telling. We are being heard all the way to Washington DC. There is a lot left to do, but we are making big waves. That being said if you’ve been thinking of becoming an Educator, let’s chat!! Not even kidding….The time is NOW! We are looking for more people to lend their voice while being generously compensated! Trust me when I say the money and business opportunity is real! My BC tribe is on fire, and I want you to be a part of it!!

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