2017 you’ve been good to us!

What happened in 2017 was just surreal for us.  We never thought in a million years we’d be having a Facebook Live series on the HGTV page or even get to work with well known companies/brands.  I started our Instagram account the summer of 2016 to document how I decorated my new house that we just built, so I never thought that all these opportunities will come out of starting that Instagram account.

Some of you guys probably don’t even know how our Instagram account got started!  We were wedding/lifestyle photographers for 5 years, but then we decided that it was time to close that chapter.  We were working a lot and it took over our weeknights and weekends.  That was real hard for us moms.  Mom guilt all the way!  When we stopped doing photography, Cecilia started her journey with Beautycounter, and then there was me.  I was a full on stay at home mom.  Grateful that I was able to stay at home with the kids, BUT I felt like I was losing myself.  I needed some kind of outlet…a creative outlet.  That’s when I decided to be more serious with our Instagram account and started decorating and posting pictures of my house.

Here are some of the fun projects/posts where we were able to work with such wonderful companies/brands!

Patio Style Challenge with Home Depot

We were so excited to be a part of a group of talented bloggers for the Home Depot Patio Style Challenge.  For our post, Cecilia and I wanted to show our viewers how you can have the same patio set, but decorate/style it 2 different ways.

Here’s Cecilia’s blog post on the Home Depot blog. Here’s my blog post on the Home Depot blog.

World Market

Here and here are a couple of blog posts for World Market.

The Container Store

Here’s the blog post we did for The Container Store!

Pier1 Imports

Here and here are the two blog posts we did for Pier1 Imports!

Pottery Barn

Here’s where we worked with Pottery Barn!  I did freak out a lil (okay A LOT) when we got the email!

Cooking Light


Here and here are the store tours we did at Homemakers.  Below is a video we did for them, and in December we did an Instagram takeover too!


Here’s the blog post we did for T.J.Maxx!


Here’s the blog post we did for eSaleRugs!


Talking about the HGTV process needs it’s own blog post!  Stay tuned for that!  What was only supposed to be 8 episodes turned into continuing it to the end of the year.  We started off doing the Facebook live episodes in the “HGTV Live” facebook page, but then after 5 episodes we got moved to the actual HGTV facebook page.  We were pretty nervous when that happened!

We also had the privilege to work with various small shops and brands throughout the year!  2017 was good to us, and we can’t wait what 2018 will bring!

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