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I haven’t really shared my basement to you because it’s not decorated at all down there. The basement has been neglected since we’ve lived here. I’d rather put all my design focus on spaces where we spend lots of time in like the main level, but enough is enough! 🙂 For the holidays, I wanted to actually decorate the basement with Christmas decor and give it that home-y feeling since we do spend time down there having movie nights. I was SO excited to work with At Home for this space!

Let’s talk about the sofa for a second. It’s not part of my Christmas decor, but my basement needed a new one! We did have a sofa down here that was from our old house while Cecilia and her family lived with us. After they moved out, we got rid of that one. Let’s just say movie night wasn’t that comfy without a sofa. 😉 I had a different one picked out from At Home for the basement, but my husband put the kibosh on that. He wanted a comfortable sofa, so while he was at the store, he picked out this charcoal sofa. I love it!

Now let’s talk about this gorgeous tree! When I went shopping for the basement, all the Christmas decor was 50% off! Now that’s the time to shop for holiday decorations! This Christmas tree was in a styled display and they had it styled so nice that I knew this was “the one.” This tree was already sold out at my store, and the display was the last of it. This tree was normally over $300, but since it was 50% off you better believe I bought the display 😉 I like how it’s flocked, but not too flocked.

At Home has different collections of ornaments, and I decided to decorate the tree with neutrals. I wanted my Christmas decor to be more neutral with grays, whites, creams, and browns in the basement because my main level had more accents of green and red. I grabbed a handful of these: white bird, cotton glitter ball, grey bird, white squirrel, ceramic dove, and twine ornaments.

As fillers, I added these white glitter and flocked ornaments which came in a set of 16 or 24.

If you watched my Instagram story highlight while I was at the store, I got this wood hexagon accent table. I set it on the right side of the fireplace to hold the flocked trees in place. These flocked trees came as a set of 3 all in various sizes. I love how it already has a decorative burlap base.

Most of you guys know that I have an addiction with lanterns and pillows! I love this rope wood lantern that comes in two sizes. Then I added the deer and raccoon decor to give this area a whimsical theme. My favorite decor pieces are these white trees that come in two different sizes.

I decorated the other side of the hearth the same way.

For the mantel, I found these cotton stem garlands, and I used two garlands here. I felt like the garland and stockings were missing “something,” so I added ornaments to it.

I placed a 24 in. birch tree on each side of the kids’ picture and also the medium size white trees with the burlap base. To add more gray to my decor, I placed the tree in a gray pot.

Last but not least are the rugs! I like layering rugs and love the combo of this jute rug and white faux hide rug.

Well, what do you guys think?! I seriously love how it turned out! Thank you At Home! Remember, all Christmas items are 50% off right now. This is the time to shop!

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  • Everything looks so gorgeous! You know I just love your design aesthetic and your commitment to finding all the good deals! Also, I never knew At Home was so affordable. Wish there was one in my area! Keep up the good work, Boo thang ♡