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Every year on the kids’ and hubby’s birthday, I make a special dessert for them.  For their birthday party that we celebrate with family, I bake a cake.  Yesterday was Lennon’s 5th birthday.  I’m all about quick and easy and decided to make the “cake in an ice cream cone” treat.

I bought:

Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip Cake Mix
12 jumbo ice cream cones
Blue Bunny Birthday Party ice cream
Pillsbury Funfetti Vanilla Frosting

I put the cake mix in each of the 12 cones and used a muffin pan to keep the ice cream cones from tipping.

Anyone else have mothers or mother-in-laws who you watch in the home and think goodness they are the perfect housewife?!  They cook, clean, do laundry, have the bed perfectly made, play with the kids 24/7, have breakfast/lunch/dinner ready…..LOL.  Pretty much they’re on top of everything….and pretty much that is not me.  Hot mess mom right over here!  As I like to tell my husband, he knew EXACTLY who he was marrying so there should be no complaining. Even though I’m a stay at home working mom, he needs to help me out with duties, but I can always try to do better and do a little bit more! Laundry is one thing I’ll stay away from though! The apron I’m wearing is from Harp Design Co. that we bought when we were in Waco, TX.  Niña and I bought it to motivate us to cook more for our husbands.  The struggle is real.  I have to admit though… ever since we moved in with Niña, we have been on top of the cooking!  Even though the cake mix was from the box, I busted out my FIRST ever apron and PROUDLY wore it in the kitchen while saying “Chef Moyer is in DA house!!”  Blaine, Niña, and Nick couldn’t stop laughing.

Once the cake was done baking, I scooped up some of the Birthday Party ice cream into the cake cone.  I then put frosting on top and finished it was sprinkles.  That was the easiest treat to do, and it was a HUGE hit for the kids.  The kids ate all 12 cones!

Stay tuned to find out the next time Chef Moyer & Chef Williams put on their aprons.  LOL!!

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