Bronzer + Cream Blusher

I wanted to showcase 2 products that I adore!  Beautycounter’s bronzer and a cream blusher which are actually 30% off right now!  A bronzer and a blush is a must in my makeup routine.  If I only have foundation on, I feel like my face is as flat as a pancake… there’s no depth!  I feel more ALIVE with these two products!…LOL.  Also keep in mind that not only do these 2 products perform but they include only the safest ingredients!  A total WIN, WIN in my book!!

Why do I love Beautycounter’s matte bronzer?  It gives you that natural glow, and it’s great for contouring!  A bronzer brings out my cheekbones and makes my face look thinner… I mean who doesn’t want to look like they lost a a couple pounds and during the winter.  😉 I use the No. 2 shade.  There’s also a No. 1 shade bronzer which is a tad lighter.  This is definitely a great option to give you a bronze glow especially during the winter!

Now onto Beautycounter’s Cream Blusher in Umber.  If you’ve been following us, you all know I’m especially obsessed with the cream blushers.  It’s like where has this been all my life?!  It goes on so smooth and gives you that natural, fresh color.  It’s perfect for on the go busy ladies.  I love how I can just throw it in my purse, and I can easily use my fingers to blend or use a brush if I have one near by.  Plus, the staying power of the cream blushers are better than powder blushes…seriously!  The Cream Blusher in Caramel is super popular, but I also love this shade in Umber if you prefer a hint of red on your cheeks.

Watch the video for a tutorial!!  Hurry and snatch these up HERE because they’re at a great price point right now at 30% off!!  Make sure to enter WINTERSALE at checkout!

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