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The hubby and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary yesterday.  My goodness does time fly by!!  We left the kids at Niña’s house and as we were driving, we were talking about what we should do on our date night.  Hmm…what could we do without kids?  I suggested going to the Escape Room which I’ve heard great things about but it was only private parties that day.  Then Blaine suggested going to the park, walking on the trail holding hands, have a picnic, and stare at each others’ eyes.  Believe it or not, he really did suggest that!  LOL!!

A few days before our anniversary, he booked an appointment as a present to target my stomach area because I’m self conscious about it.  I hate my stomach area.  Being pregnant (especially 4 times) takes a toll on your body…unless you’re one of the lucky few who looks the exact same way as you did before having kids.  My stomach looks like gak (google it if you don’t know what it is)… that’s probably why the kids love playing with my stomach so much.  I’m like forget my stomach, I want the whole body experience!  HA! Blaine had done cryotherapy a few times last year and wanted to do again.  It’s great for his lower back since he always has issues with it and is great for recovering after a workout.  I was more intrigued because you burn 500-800 calories per session.  Umm…HELLO!!  Who else gained a gazillion pounds during the winter?!  We’ve been talking about eating better and being healthier, so this was a great fit for both of us!

That’s why we decided to stop by at CryoSpa in Urbandale.  We got a tour and I was super excited to start right then!  We grabbed the unlimited package and were ready to go!  Love this anniversary present we gave each other.  The gift of wellness!

Since I’m sure many of you are wondering what this is all about, heres an explanation from the CryoSpa website:  Cryotherapy is essentially the process of using cold temperatures for health benefits. This type of cold therapy was invented in the 1970s in Japan, it has gained widespread popularity with athletes and those with certain chronic illnesses as well as people who just want to feel good inside and out.  Here are some benefits.  Health & Wellness – fights inflammation, decreases fatigue, improves psychological competitive edge, improves blood circulation / Sports & Fitness – reduces pain, increases muscle strength, improves joint function, maximizes sports performance, increases energy / Skincare & Beauty: cellulite reduction, improves collagen production, 500-800 calories burned in a session

Blaine was figuring out how long to go.  We ended up going 90 seconds yesterday and 2 minutes this morning.

It actually was not bad at all!  I was actually pretty nervous when I first tried it yesterday. Both of us went in the chamber with our undies on, socks, gloves, and some booties.

After that we went in the Energizing Lounge where you sit on these cool chairs.  Yesterday, I was on it for 15 minutes and today for 30 minutes.  Wow…I was so relaxed afterwards!  What’s it all about?  Here’s the info from their website:  During 5, 15 and 30 minute sessions, soft sensations captivate you from the first minute and gently stimulate all parts of your body. After a short time, the acoustic frequency neutralizes resistance and communicates directly with the nervous system which gradually replaces tension caused by stress. The comforting sensations fill your whole body leaving you in a comfortable state of peaceful tranquility. It is truly a one-of-a-kind, revitalizing experience.

I also want to point out these cool light fixtures!  They’re from K. Renee here in the Des Moines area!

Now everyone go and book a session!  Check out the pricing HERE.  Yes, it’s an investment but totally worth it!  There are people who have to think about it.  Then there’s me who says “why not?!…let’s do this!”  They have different packages available, but we decided to go with the $399 package since it came with the unlimited Cryotherapy (1 per day), Novothor Wellness Light Pod, and Neurospa Energizing Lounge.  Since we were buying two, we got 1 of the packages at 50% off.  I can’t wait to let you know how I feel after 30 days of going every day.

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