desert sunrise palette

This limited edition Desert Sunrise Palette!  I am obsessed!  No more rummaging through my makeup bag for blush, bronzer, and eye shadows. Everything in one!  I’m obsessed with Bark (second eye shadow from the right) on my eyelids, a sweep of Khaki (golden olive eye shadow), Pinot (eggplant color) as my liner, and Champagne (2nd eye shadow on left) on inner corners of eyes. Tawny as my bronzer (blush on left) and a sweep of Flamingo (blush on right). I didn’t know what I was missing out on until I got this. Now I know why people were raving about it. My clients who have lighter complexion as me love it too (read the reviews in link below)! I would run and grab this before it’s gone because well it’s selling like hot cakes. Makeup lovers.. it’s a must. Ladies especially moms who want everything in one to make their life easier… it’s a must! It’s perfect for traveling too. Plus, there are all sorts of possibilities with this palette.  Here’s how to achieve one look with the palette:

Another look you can achieve with this palette:

Click HERE to get your hands on this!

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