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This post is sponsored by Tuesday Morning, but all ideas and opinions are our own.  

If you’re like me, I give all my focus and attention on the main rooms like the living room, foyer, staircase, and bedroom.  I would usually change up these areas depending on the season, holiday, or my mood. Do you have a space or room in your house that gets overlooked or forgotten about?  Well, I know one room that does! My laundry room! I wish I would decorate this room more often especially since I practically LIVE in it! I’m in my laundry room all the time…I’m so not kidding. HA!  I have four kids, and some of you guys have seen my never ending laundry piles on my Instagram stories! If the laundry room was decorated more often depending on the season, then maybe I’ll be in a happier mood while folding laundry ALL the time 😉  Well, Tuesday Morning saves the day, and I’m so excited to work with them to give my laundry room a little refresh.  

This is what my laundry room looks like on a “good day”…and I wish it looked like this more often 🙂

I decided to give this room a little refresh since it’s December.  I always like changing up the wreaths if I want a “change” in a room.  You can change just one thing in a room like a wreath and it could shift the whole feel of the space.  A cotton stem wreath can make a room feel more farmhouse, a hoop wreath can make it feel modern, or a hydrangea wreath can make it feel like a little more cottagey.  Tuesday Morning has a variety of wreaths to choose from, and that’s where I got the boxwood wreath in my master bedroom outdoor deck.  

I replaced the cotton wreath with this one!

Tuesday Morning has a huge selection of home decor to refresh any space like small decor pieces to style floating shelves, bookshelves, and countertops.  

I decided to keep the wooden sign in my laundry room, but there’s a ton of wall art to choose from while you’re at Tuesday Morning.  If did change my wooden sign, I could replace it with a mirror, framed art, or canvas art.

I knew I wanted to change the basket that’s sitting under the laundry chute, so I headed towards the basket section of Tuesday Morning.  There were crates and baskets of different sizes. There were two sizes of this particular basket, and I chose the large size to catch all the clothes.

A rug is another piece that you can change or add to really give a room a “homey” feel.  I love this jute rug I got! The rug selection was great at Tuesday Morning. They had smaller rugs, runners, and big area rugs.

Some more home decor pieces from the store!

I seriously LOVE how my laundry room turned out!  This actually motivates me to keep the laundry room clean like this.  Thank you Tuesday Morning! Check out your local Tuesday Morning to revamp your forgotten spaces!


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