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This post is sponsored by World Market, but all ideas and opinions are our own. 

We are so excited to reveal two of our kids’ bedrooms decorated for the holidays!  Niña decorated her son’s bedroom, and Cecilia decorated her daughter’s bedroom!


I had been decorating Mariah’s room for the holidays, but her bed and night stand area still needed some holiday love.  One of my favorite places to shop is World Market because they always have such unique pieces that you won’t see anywhere else!  I headed to the store to see what they had for holiday decor, and I was so excited to see they had a variety of pieces that would be perfect for my daughter’s room!  

One of the first things in my cart was a holiday throw pillow.  A great way to change up decor with holidays and different seasons is with pillows!  I loved the llama pillow with various textures, 4 tassels, and hints of pink and gold which goes perfectly with her room!  

The llama pillow also went perfect with the textured triangle pillow I already had from World Market!  Can you tell I’m a fan of textured pillows?  

I love layering pieces and so I knew I wanted to put a blanket at the end of Mariah’s bed.  Plus with cold weather ahead, it’s nice to have extra blankets around to cuddle in!  I found this super soft blush knit blanket that was similar in color to the tassels on the llama throw pillow!  To take layering up a notch, I added a couple pom pom garlands.  People use garlands to add color to a mantle, walls, tree, tablescape.. so why not on their bed, right!?  

My daughter loves to draw.  I grabbed a bark charger that is perfect for her holiday themed room especially since she has a couple Christmas trees in her room!  That way she has a hard surface to draw or color on if she’s laying in bed.  I even found these twig colored pencils at the store that Mariah thought was so neat!  I told you they have the coolest stuff in there!  

She wanted to “write” a letter to Santa.  I wrote it and she signed her name and drew a photo of herself.  That way Santa knew for sure who the letter was from.  😉 

Now with her night stand, I found these small wooden houses which had so much detail!  Each house lights up inside which makes for a great night light!  I’m a huge fan of bottle brush trees, and there were these miniature trees that had similar colored bulbs to the small houses.  I knew right then that I had to get this dynamic duo for a festive village on her nightstand!  

One last thing I grabbed from World Market is a pouf!  They have so many options, but I knew I wanted something that would be colorful for her room.  I love having poufs because it has so many uses… sometimes I see Mariah sitting on it, setting her books on it, or has her feet on it while she’s sitting on the bed.  

It’s fun to decorate the kids bedrooms for the holidays, and Mariah absolutely loved these fun touches to her bedroom!  I encourage you to go check out your local World Market store.  There are so many items that will give a kids bedroom some holiday cheer!


Is it weird that my youngest child that’s almost 3 years old had his room pretty bare with only a crib and a dresser for the longest time, and now has his room more decorated than his older siblings?  Ha!  I’ve been wanting to finish his bedroom all year, and I’m so glad that decorating for the holidays made me get his room done!  

Before decorating for the holidays, his room had the main pieces already in it like the black metal bed, map wall art, dresser, rug, and a side table.  I just needed to add more to it to make it feel homey.  I started off by adding this green plaid throw blanket on the end of his bed.

What a difference it makes to add stuff on top of the dresser!  The only thing I hung up on the wall was this cardboard deer head I got locally at the Junk Parlor and everything else was just set on the dresser.  

I added two felt pom pom garlands on the antlers.  It makes this area deer head so much more fun!

I love this wooden advent calendar house!  In Bashy’s room, I look adding natural wood tones to it, and I thought this was perfect!  We placed his toy animals in there along with some bottle brush trees.  I also plan on putting his cars in there.  He’s obsessed with animals and cars right now. 😉 This piece can even be kept in his room after the holidays!

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that I love the white ceramic houses.  I have that all over my house.  For Bashy’s bedroom, these snowy wood houses were the perfect holiday addition to his room.  These come in small, medium, and large sizes, and I have the small and the medium ones.

I had a globe on his side table, and I added these bottlebrush trees to give it a festive look.

Of course, I had to add a tree to his room!  I love this Micro LED Christmas tree that goes on the wall!  Definitely a different twist to the typical Christmas tree.

Bashy has a natural/woodsy theme in his room, so these animal ornaments from World Market just completed this tree!  There were so many to choose from.  My favorites were the animals in the canoe ornaments and the deer ornaments

I seriously love how Bashy’s room turned out!  It’s exactly what I had envisioned for his room!  World Market saves the day!

Shop Bashy’s Bedroom!

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