last day of summer break

Last day of summer break agenda:  HAVE FUN!

I had to take a photo of them before we left the house.  I thought it was so cute how Mariah wanted to wear her Minnie Mouse hat backwards to copy her big bro.

We headed to the mall.  I know right?!…of all places!  These kids LOVE those mall pretzels though!  Whenever we pass the mall, they suddenly ask if we can go inside just to eat the pretzels!  Well, it was their lucky day because we finally did!

Of course their cousins were there too!  Play area hide and seek and climbing to the top of the equipment was next.  Then I wanted to wipe them all down to get rid of all the germs they were exposed to in there!  AAHH!

After the mall, we went to watch The Emoji Movie!  One large container of popcorn and one large bottle of water.  The movie wasn’t even half way done, and the popcorn was already gone!  I recommend watching the movie with the kids.  It was super cute. 🙂

While living with the Williams family, we alternate weeks on who will buy groceries.  It was our turn this week, and I’m so we are closer to an Aldi’s.  If you’ve never been to one, you should go check it out!  Make sure to bring a quarter so you can have a cart to use and bring your own bags or else you’ll have to buy bags there.  The cart was piled high past the top of the cart and I spent around $210!!  If I went anywhere else it probably would have been $300-$400+.  The kids actually love going to the grocery store.  I have mixed feelings taking the kids grocery shopping with me because of the constant “Can we have this?” from the moment we get there to when we’re at the checkout line.  I do love the fact that these kids are learning…where certain foods are at the grocery store, putting all the food on the belt, and then bagging all the food in paper bags.  Grouping things together and putting boxes inside like a puzzle to maximize the bag storage.  These kids will rock at working at a grocery store some day!….being cashiers or bagging groceries.  Maybe not Lennon though.  He’d rather relax while everyone else does the work….ha!  They then help take all the groceries inside and put them away.  Right after that, they want to eat all the food we just bought.

Getting groceries may not be considered as a “fun day” but a pantry stocked up with their favorite food gets them pretty excited!

The night ended with playing outside and pizza.  Here I am with my loves before bed time.  This pic was taken right after they all took showers/baths.  It’s important to smell good for the first day of school!  🙂

I had such an amazing summer with all 4 kids at home.  I’m sad it’s already over!!  🙁

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