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This post is sponsored by La-Z-Boy, but all ideas and opinions are our own.

We were so excited when we were asked to be a part of La-Z-Boy’s Design Dash!  How awesome to be designing a space together with … NO BUDGET!  That’s like everyone’s dream, right?! 

One thing that did worry us about the Design Dash was designing a space with our two different styles.  Niña has a coastal farmhouse style and I have a modern eclectic style, so we were afraid our room was going to be a jumbled mess 😉  We knew this was going to be a challenge, so this was a great way to work as a sister design team.

Before the Design Dash, they told us which style of furniture was chosen at random for us.  It was the Alexandria from their new Urban Attitudes collection!  Since there isn’t a La-Z-Boy furniture gallery in our area, we chose a fabric online that we knew would be a great sofa in any space!  That fabric was called “eclipse.”  Another item we got to choose was the paint for our room.  We decided on Sherwin Williams – Silver Strand!

We arrived in North Carolina on October 16th, and on October 17th was when all the action happened!  On day one, we got to meet the other 7 bloggers and the lovely ladies from La-Z-Boy!

(Images from LaZBoy)

Once we arrived at the 40,000 sq. ft. showroom, our nerves started kicking in!  HA!  We only had 30 minutes to pick out furniture pieces and accessories.  Each designer had a cart, a helper, and a runner.  Our helper pushed the cart for us and taped our tags to the furniture/decor pieces we selected.  The runner brought the big pieces to a designated area or emptied the cart for us.  Before we started the dash, each designer got to see what our bay (room) looked like.  This gave us an idea on what furniture pieces or accessories we had to look for.  We also had a fabric swatch of our sofa.

Oh my goodness though… there were so many beautiful pieces to choose from in the showroom!  We were impressed with what they had to offer!  Every blogger had a specific amount of tags we could use, and we just went crazy with it!  Our main focus in the beginning was getting furniture pieces to go with our sofa such as side tables and a coffee table.  Once we grabbed those pieces, we decided to go more of a coastal theme with a modern twist!  Since Niña has a coastal style, she was picking out stuff that she wanted in her house! 😉

Once we saw accessories that we liked, we tagged those too!  There’s two floors of the showroom, so we were up and down those escalators many times!  We sure got a great workout from running around!  30 minutes sure goes by fast!

On day two, all of the bloggers headed to the photography studio to decorate our rooms! This was the first time we got to see our room in person with our sofa waiting for us!  Then it was time to get this party started!

Everything that was tagged the day before was near by, and then it was time to place it all in the space!  This was actually pretty hard to do.  It took us awhile to decide on what angle to face the sofa.  We had to figure out the best angle for our space, and thankfully there was a computer screen that showed us exactly what you’d all get to see.  Sometimes you think it’d look great, but then when we’d take a photo, it didn’t give us a WOW factor.  

The first few pieces we added in the room were the weathered side tables and McKinney accent chair.  We actually had another accent chair there, but decided not to include it in the room.  

We didn’t want the space cluttered with so many furniture pieces especially since we had a trestle desk that we knew for sure we were going to use.  We were SO glad we found this desk since it went so perfectly with the side tables and coffee table!  Some of the other bloggers even asked “where did you find a desk in the showroom?!” 😉

After we figured out where the furniture pieces were going to go, we got to style the space!  This is our favorite part!  

We snatched up a couple rugs from the showroom and decided to layer them.  

There was a blanket ladder that we absolutely adored!  It was actually a piece we selected closer to the end of the design dash!  We love how it’s hung on the wall instead of setting against a wall.  You don’t have to worry about tipping the ladder!  

Not only did we have the accessories from the La-Z-Boy showroom but we had 15 minutes to grab some items from the prop room!  Thankfully when it was our turn to go to the prop room, we had our space pretty much done but knew we needed some more accessories to finish the look!  We incorporated neutrals with hints of blush and sea green.  

We were so impressed with the art work available in the La-Z-Boy showroom and grabbed a couple different kinds.  The one in the back of the room was a great 3 piece set which really makes a statement!  The artwork above the desk we really had to play with and figure out if we wanted both, place it horizontal, vertical, or at a diagonal from each other.

 While we were designing our space, we took a little break and did an interview with Kelly about our experience so far at the Design Dash. 

When we finally saw the final image for the Design Dash, we were so happy with how it turned out!  Wow!  Did we really do that?!  

The room literally could be from Niña’s home!  She even said how she wanted this exact room in her house!  LOL!  

After we were done designing our space, it was time for our interview!  Oh my gosh we felt so awkward. HA!  There’s a huge difference between talking on the phone for IG stories vs having a camera crew in front of you! 

It was so hard to leave our room.  We were like both proud mamas who didn’t want to leave its child!  

Thanks so much for those who voted during the voting period especially those who voted for our room!  Obviously, we couldn’t stop talking about the La-Z-Boy Design Dash this past month, but we can’t help it!  If there was a chance that someone could win $15,000 of La-Z-Boy furniture, we wanted one of our viewers to WIN!  We can’t wait to find out who the lucky winner is when they announce it next month!!  

This is one experience we will NEVER forget!  It was so much fun, and we got to meet 7 other talented bloggers through this experience!  Most importantly, it was awesome seeing what La-Z-Boy has to offer.  There are so many beautiful items that can really transform any room.  Plus, the quality of their items is so impressive!

Here’s our Design Dash video!

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