weekends are for…

Do you ever feel like there is ALWAYS something going on during the weekends that you need to go do or be at?  Then when there actually isn’t anything going on, you get a bit excited?!  That was us this past Saturday.  I loved it!

My list of what a weekend should entail:

1) Outdoor play!  These kids are LOVING this trampoline from Avyna InGround Trampolines!  They already requested to have it at the new house.

2)  Dinner on the deck!

Love Hendrix’s sweet kiss to Mariah!  <3

Dinner was made by ME!  Shocking, I know!  On the menu was grilled corn tortilla with ground beef, cilantro, guacamole, and shredded cheese.  I even made rice (in a rice cooker) for the first time in my life!!  I know it’s crazy to think I’m asian and I’ve never made rice before in a rice cooker..LOL!  I even had to Facetime Niña, and she had to walk through it with me as she shook her head that I’ve never made rice before.  I then added lime and cilantro to try to mimic Chipotle’s cilantro lime rice because I’m OBSESSED with their burrito bowls.

3) Movie night with popcorn!  Love the projector screen in the basement!  Of course the kids wanted to get close to it and sat on the floor instead of sitting on the couch.  Movie was Big Hero 6!

I think I will do this more often!  It’s nice to stay home with no plans what so ever except enjoy each other’s company!  Family time is the BEST time!

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