Wreath Workshop

Niña and I decided to have a get together in December with our Instagram friends!  Social media is such a wonderful place to connect with so many people!  Why not have a few of us get together?!  Some of you may not know this but we are such introverts.  We very much like to keep to ourselves but once you get us out and put people in front of us, we have the best time!!

We’ve always wanted to attend Shelly Sarver‘s Wreath Workshop, and this was the perfect opportunity!  Shelly is a SUPER talented florist, and we had the pleasure of working with her when we photographed weddings.  If you’re getting married… contact her ASAP!

Snacks and drinks provided to get our creative juices flowing! 😉

Each person had supplies they needed to create their wreath!  There was a variety of greenery, accessories, ribbon available to choose from!

We’ve never made a wreath before especially with REAL greenery, and it was so much fun!  A quick tip that was genius that Rachel did.  She had a photo of a wreath for inspiration!

You literally could make a beautiful wreath for your home if you have a traditional style or a modern style.  Shelly had wire wreath there if you didn’t want to use a grapevine wreath.

We gave everyone a special goodie bag of a few of our favorite things inside!

Starbucks giftcard + RAYGUN coaster + Beautycounter gift + Scratch Cupcake

Here’s all of us!  A fun and beautiful group right here!  Thanks so much Jami, Rachel, Emily, Heather, Ashley, Rhonda, Val, Kassie, and Sara for joining us!!

Thanks so much Shelly for this fun workshop that we all got to experience!

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